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Today, it was the first meeting with my 4-year-old son’s teacher Daisuke.

The teacher told us with such love and enthusiasm how during these years Daisuke was evolving in school. It was very nice to feel how she watched him closely, respecting the personal evolution at his pace. I left the meeting very excited, and very happy, to have made the effort to move here, just to take our children to this school.

Then … suddenly the memory came to me, and the feeling I had when I was little, of the meetings between the teachers of the school and my parents. Although I had not been in the meetings, it was easy to perceive it, and that was the moment that the teachers judged what I did right or wrong … I can still remember a very bad feeling .. What a difference between what I am living with my children and what I lived as a child …

It is clear that I have to apologize to the guests of the Iori Hotel for having been away for a while, now we try to come often from France.

It’s not the same… I know…

Even so, I am very happy with the decisions made. My priority is still my children, who are our future.

On the other hand, I see that this move has opened our eyes and is teaching us a lot. We are living a moment of important changes in our lives, so it could be changes for Iori too …

Thanks to all, and yes, although not very often, I will continue writing this blog to tell you our evolutions!

Thank you for sharing it with me!!!


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